Автор Тема: Случаи заражения на Пенанге  (Прочитано 1917 раз)

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Случаи заражения на Пенанге
« : 31 јРав 2020, 21:09:36 »
Tanjung Bungah
  • Mira residence condo, Tanjung Bungah
  • Kayangan Puri Mutiara, Medan Fettes
  • Maybank, Greenlane branch
Batu Ferringhi 
  • Ferringhi Mutiara Apartment
Bayan Lepas
  • Tree sparina condo
  • Motorola
Seberang Perai
Работник теско под подозрением и на карантине
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Re: Случаи заражения на Пенанге
« Ответ #1 : 05 °ЯаХЫм 2020, 22:26:40 »
Коронавирус в Sungai Ara, Пенанг.

Dear all residents , I just spoke to Uncle Cheng who is the owner of the Kiki coffee shop, Sg Ara.

He confirmed his son who came back from Germany recently had already completed the 14 days quarantine period in Kl, before returning to Penang as his family stay in our Sg Ara area but he is working in KL.

He has NO symptoms at all but his friends who came back with him in the Same flight , have all contracted the covid virus with Symptoms shown during the 14 days quarantine period. 

Due to preventive measures, he has voluntarily went to Pantai Hospital, B.Baru to take the covid test and test results was positive at 6.30pm on 4/4/20 Sat. He was immediately taken to General Hospital on Same day for treatment.

His contact history is summarised as below and he was wearing mask throughout the period in the market:-

4/4/20 Sat
10.00 am.     -     Went to Kiki coffee shop to buy a packet of drinks and Food at Chee cheong Fun stall.

- Spoke to the father Uncle Cheng at a distance of approx 6 ft for 5 mins

- Spoke to Sister Kiki at “closer” range at lesser than 3ft for about 10 mins

-  He left the Coffee shop around 10.30am

- Pantai Hospital immediately reported positive test results to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.

- KKM immediately contacted Uncle
Cheng at night and instructed him to close the coffee shop until the authority disinfectant the whole premise.

5/4/20 (Sunday)
- KKM asked both Uncle Cheng and Kiki to report to the Govt Clinic in Bayan Baru, for medical checks on Monday 6/4 morning at 10am.

- I hv requested Uncle Cheng that he and Kiki must be self quarantine for 14 days in separate rooms and avoid contact with all family members, friends n public to avoid covid infection n spread to Sg Ara community.

I trust KKM will instruct them officially to self quarantine for 14 days.


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Psychotherapists granulomata, subjective, bread-winner, sepsis?
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